Disclaimer: If you are interested in my books, my art, canoes or paddles, you can find out more about them in this “shop” and request them. However, it must be clear: All my “products” are not of a commercial nature, but are considered art. All pieces are unique or strictly limited handmade series. This is especially true for the canoes, because I am not interested in mass-producing the Native American way of building for my own profit, but in preserving this craft and sharing it with people who can appreciate it. For this reason, a maximum of two boats are built each year. My books are also strictly limited editions, for people who are interested in my life’s work and are looking for inspiration of a different kind. By purchasing the books, you support the continued production of the series.


Buchreihe: Gesamtwerk Hans-Georg Wagner

Two books in the series have already been published: Drawings and Furniture Design. It is a collective project: photos by Thomas Kläber, texts by Julianne Cordray and others, layout and design by Philipp Lange. The books are written in both German and English.



Meticulously handcrafted wooden paddles for canoeing, each uniquely made for optimal performance and lightness. Explore a variety of woods, from European cherry to American maple and oak. Discover the different paddles on the paddle page and request one fit to your needs.



Explore my artistic journey through sculpture, relief, and printmaking, where the human form takes center stage. Each piece embodies motion and intimacy. Visit my art page to discover the available art and find one fitting for your space and life experience.



My two-decade legacy of crafting wooden boats. Rooted in tradition of Northern American Native wooden canoe design, yet infused with modern design and building techniques, these boats demonstrate my connection with wood, water and my respect for the indigineous people and their technologies.